Jun 21 2024


8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Jack van Ginger

About The Band

JvG stormed out of the pandemic playing many establishments in the Niagara region and GTA.

These 3 friends knew each other at a very young age and their charisma, talent, and energy will ensure you have a great time while they entertain you. On stage they laugh, joke, toast, and occasionally sing.

Mike is the band’s enforcer keeping everyone in tune and has no issues telling the guys that mid-song. Once you see his bow unleashed you’ll understand why Jack and Rob wanted him in the band. Mike is phenomenal to put it mildly. Jack and Rob stand in amazement watching Mike several times a gig. Ok, maybe a couple times. 

Rob is the backbone with his bass guitar and years of experience. That coupled with his HR friendly humour and the ability to delve into the music catalogue in his head is a sight to behold. Several times a night he will go in and snag a baseline in order to fulfil a patrons song request.  

Jack’s 5’16” stature centres the band and holds the others close like the moon and earth. Standing between these two other monstrous musicians they encapsulate him and there’s usually not a song they won’t attempt.  

JvG does not use a set list as they’ll inject the crowd with enjoyment from their passion for music, experience, and harmonies; the crowds’ energy usually guides that journey. Their catalogue is vast and covers many genres from celtic, east coast, rock, folk, and all that falls in between. 

Many times people have approached them saying that “it looks like you’re all having such a good time up there”.

Well, they are.

Band Members
Jack Sawatsky – Guitar & Vocals

Fun Fact: Jack began playing music in grade 3 with a few guitar lessons at the Ontario Conservatory of music in St. Catharines.  In middle school he played bass guitar in a local garage band “PQRS” who were a U2, The Cult, The Cure and Smiths cover band. They never got far as Rob Carroll’s band always crushed them. 🙂

Playing sports in high school took him in another direction and playing music faded away. That was until 2012 came around and he got mauled by the music animal again.

Jack was the passion and drive behind the East coast Irish Celtic powerhouse “The PUBJUGS” from 2012-2022.  They played all over Ontario as well as George street in St Johns Newfoundland for two years in a row during St. Paddys week, and even travelled to Winnipeg to play the Canadian Naval Base. 

He played guitar, vocals, kick drum and tambourine all while leading crowds into a rambunctious frenzy of song and enjoyment.  

It’s said that all good things come to an end, and that occurred when the Covid came.

The PUBJUGS were put to rest and he went forward with another venture, Jack and Ginger. This is until Mike joined the band to make it Jack van Ginger.

Rob Carroll – Bass & Vocals

Fun Fact: Rob Carroll is from St. Catharines and grew up in a very musical household. He started singing with his dad in church at the tender age of 3…they were regularly accompanied by his mother on piano and sister on violin.

That early influence started his love for music. In his teens he jumped into the band game playing bass and has been a part of the Niagara music scene since 1986 playing bass guitar in Common Language, Up Yer Kilt, Mush, Blast from the Past (Retro 80’s band) and most recently with The Figure Four and Jack Van Ginger.

He’s toured all over Ontario and the East Coast twice. In 1999 his band Up Yer Kilt won 97.7 HitzFm’s “Rock Search”. Rob is a bit of a character and enjoys playfully bantering with audiences as well as his band mates , which makes for a fun and interactive experience that keeps audiences entertained. Everyone loves a little “comic relief”. 

Mike van Dongen – Violin & Vocals

Fun Fact: Mike van Dongen is a professional violinist. He has had an eclectic musical journey that has spanned from high school through university and into his professional life. Throughout his career he has enjoyed playing a wide variety of styles in music (classical, jazz, rock, celtic, country, etc.) across Canada, in Disney and in Bangkok Thailand.

Although the pandemic had an enormously negative effect on the music scenes everywhere, forming the band Jack van Ginger with great friends has been a welcome byproduct. Mike’s passion is playing live music regardless of the style and he is looking forward to the future now that the music scene is thriving once again.

Music Genres
  • Rock
  • East Coast
  • Folk
  • Indie
  • Celtic
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • East Coast
  • Folk
  • Indie
  • Celtic
  • R&B
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