The Irish Harp

We moved from Hamilton to be closer to The Harp

We moved from Hamilton to be closer to The Harp

The Irish Harp Pub in Niagara-on-the-Lake is our absolute favourite place to visit. We discovered it several years ago and continue to go regularly. We feel more like family than customers when we are here. This is due in part to the amazing staff, their service, the welcoming and homey atmosphere, and of course the delicious food.

We are always impressed with the incredible service and attention to detail during every visit by the staff–Jilian, Ira, Sarah, Lee behind the bar, and Wilma greeting us at the door. There are of course much more amazing staff at The Harp that also makes us feel so welcome and they know who they are. It didn’t take long to know them by name and vice versa. They know before we are seated that we’ll be ordering a pint of Harp and usually what we’ll be ordering for dinner too!

Some of our favourites are the Irish Stew, the Black and Tan Burger and the Irish Eggrolls. While the list could go on, we’ll leave it at that, just know you’ll be happy with whatever you decide to eat. Although we don’t live far away we have enjoyed numerous stays above the Pub in one of their beautiful rooms. A huge plus is the live music to be enjoyed on the weekends. While we have our favourite, The Pubjugs, we also greatly enjoy Finnigan’s Wake and Barley Brae, just to name a few.

We have so many great memories of our times here. Our daughter, who was turning 13, when asked what she wanted for her birthday, told us all she wanted was to have a family dinner at The Harp. What 13-year old wants this we thought to ourselves but we called and booked a reservation. They made her birthday special by seating us by the fire (a cold December night) and bringing out a dessert for her with a sparkler in it. She was so happy! Our children love coming here as much as we do. Children are welcome all the time–not something you find everywhere.

We also have a table that we love to sit at, and while it’s not always possible they do their best to seat us there each time we come. It means a lot to us that they do this. Our last memory we will share is of a server who has since moved on but still remains one of the reasons we come back time and time again. We were served on our first visit by Jesse. Jesse was an exceptional server and supervisor. His friendliness, knowledge of the menu and attention to every detail was astounding. Your beer and coaster had to match and once when he thought my stew looked a little shy of reaching the top of the bowl, went to the kitchen and brought out some extra. Over the years we developed a friendship with Jesse outside of the restaurant that continues to this day.

We rave about The Harp to many family, friends, and co-workers. Many of them come from far away to share and enjoy what they always describe as a wonderful and truly unique experience. The Irish Harp Pub is our special place. Over the years we have met some of the other “regulars” and developed friendships with them. It’s heartwarming to walk in and see a familiar and smiling face, share a wave and a few words. Our thanks to everyone at The Irish Harp for always making your slogan ring true…”Home is where the Harp is.”

Tim & Michelle Friesen

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