The Irish Harp

The Best Of Times!

The Best Of Times!

We have been coming to Niagara on the Lake for about 10 years now. When we do, The Harp is the only place we come to for dinner and it’s the only place where we spend the night. We have been staying here now at least 6-7 times a year and never stay anywhere else. My wife & I have come here for a romantic getaway and we have also stayed here with my daughter for a family weekend. Now my daughter is all grown up and her and her boyfriend have begun to stay at The Harp regularly too.

Honestly, why would we want to stay anywhere else? The rooms are perfect and as for the food; I cannot speak more highly about the size of the portions and more importantly the quality & flavor. The staff is amazing and we have never had a negative experience. We live 2 hours away and yet everyone makes us feel like a “local” and every single staff member makes you feel at home. Also, The Harp is a 100% Irish Pub and we absolutely love that the bands play Irish music. One other big bonus of staying there is that after a night of eating, singing & having a great time, all we have to do is stumble our way upstairs to our room.

Our relationship with The Harp began with one of our first visits to Niagara on the Lake. We were looking for a place to eat dinner and we were recommended to try The Harp. That first night, we were seated on the far side of the restaurant, away from the bar and band area. While we ate our dinner, we could hear the band playing so when we were done eating, we walked over to the other side, ordered a couple of pints and stood and watched everyone singing along and having a great time. Then, a man sitting with his wife at a table waved at me and my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and invited us to join them instead of us standing all night. We joined them and we ended up staying the rest of the night until the band had left. It was an amazing first experience and we made sure that the next time we stayed at NOTL, that we would stay at The Harp and now, we never stay anywhere else.

So, about 7 years ago, I asked my wife to marry me and she said “yes” – (Thank God!). We got married and went to New York but made sure that we were back at The Harp to cap off our honeymoon. Every year we return for our anniversary, my birthday, my wife’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, a couple of times in the summer and basically – as often as we can. The Harp truly holds a very special place in our hearts so this year we wanted to commemorate our Honeymoon and our love for The Harp so I designed tattoos for both my wife and myself of an Irish Harp. We got them tattooed on our arms and the tattoos include the actual Longitude & Latitude of the location of The Irish Harp Pub. I know that may sound extreme but the truth is we love this place and every time we check-in and go up to our room above The Harp my wife always says: “We’re home babe” and I feel the same way.

Honestly, The Irish Harp Pub is always the first place we think of going to and the last place we think of leaving.

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