The Irish Harp

We met at The Irish Harp… and then got married.

We met at The Irish Harp… and then got married.

I’m a former employee of The Harp, and I still remember the day I was working and in walked Jilian.

She sat at the bar, ordered a Smithwick’s and a bite to eat.

She was talking to another server, Sandi, that she knew very well as I came whipping around the corner on my way to drop off an armful of dirty glassware.

Sandi introduced us, we shared a few words, and back to work I went.

It was a very pleasant first greeting, but I thought nothing of it.

Over the next couple of weeks I noticed she started to come in more often.

We would always greet each other and share some laughs.

One day, she came in and sat in the second bar stool from the service station wearing a burgundy top with khaki pants, legs crossed.

I once again came around the corner and there she was smiling at me.

This time was a bit different though. There was a very distinct glow around her.

“Jesse!” she said, in a very unforgettable way.

That was this first time she ever said my name, at least that I heard.

I was in love.

As the days turned into weeks, I remember both Jilian and I talking into Sandi’s ear about eachother’s whereabouts and plans.

Eventually, Sandi got tired of it and her and Jil made an ingenious plan of ‘going out for a drink’ where they knew I would be.

We hit it off that day and the secret was out.

Shortly there-after Jil started working at The Harp too.

As each day went by we grew closer to each other.

We are married now, and I will never forget that day she was sitting there glowing at the bar and said my name for the first time.

The Harp will always be in our hearts and be the place where we met and fell in love.

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